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Welcome to my Website

John Cowper

Graphic Designer, Lecturer & Tutor:


Hello and welcome to my site, my name is John Cowper and I am a Graphic Designer, Teacher, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur. 


I have been involved with teaching for over 18 years and this has lead me to show people how to do good design. I have taught mainly at third level Colleges in Ireland, Europe and Asia.


During the whole experience I learned a great deal about teaching, about Educational Psychology, about how to teach and communicate effectively and about myself. In particular I became very interested in teaching using visual aids, as I found this to be a very effective and rewarding method to teach difficult and sometimes technically complicated areas of design, print, typography and computers.


Using visual aids to teach naturally brought me into the Audio Visual world of learning online using computers and I have now combined my skills as a designer and teacher to offer design advice online.


I would appreciate it if you could leave some constructive comments that might help to improve this site and the advice and information that I am offering. 


If you wish to leave a reply do so and you can contact me via my contact us page.


i have a great blog at and here I am constantly looking for ways to make your blog experience a great one so that you may tell others about this blog. I will only post articles I believe will enhance this blog and your experience.


Look out for some great articles, videos and advice coming your way on this blog.

If you wish to leave a reply please do so; you can contact me via my “contact us” page on this site or from any of the above.


To elaborate a little on my design businesses. I am founder, owner, managing director and creative director of Redbox Design, Graphic Design specialists based in Ireland. Redbox Design cover a diverse range of graphic solutions.
Corporate Identity & Logo Design - Brand Creation, Marketing Literature & Stationery Design, Website Design & Development, Packaging, Poster & Signage Design, Print Management & Fulfilment

Redbox prides itself on its high level of creative input and fresh approach. The practice delivers a wide range of quality marketing services from advertising, branding, print management to emerging technologies for example online to interactive media.
The firm always ensures we offer a better more cost effective service than our competitors, whilst maintaining client satisfaction at all times.
We believe it is vital to build constructive lasting relationships with our clients. These forged partnerships and on-going relationships have led to a broad client portfolio for example; the construction, motor, financial, leisure, equestrian and retail sectors.
We listen to our clients, to their needs and wants so that we come up with the best fit in terms of a graphic design solution that can be used as a practical marketing tool. This has enabled our clients to increase brand loyalty by differentiating their brand from their competitors, leading to increased sales and profitability, gains in market share and a growth in their customer base.



John Cowper
Graphic Designer, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur